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Does it bother you that your automobile has been sitting in the garage for months? Are you seeking a way to repair your car and earn a sizable sum of money at the same time? You could also be asking where to tie your taxi or your car to the company. Where in India should I attach my business? Well, your search is over now! You can connect your car to our cab network thanks to us, India’s most reputable taxi seller. Through our online taxi attachment tool, you can join Rinocab as a partner and stand to gain significant financial advantage.

Never pass up the chance to develop as an entrepreneur with an automobile attachment. An excellent option for attaching your commercial vehicle is to use our taxi and tempo traveller attachment service. From all around India, we have a big increase in consumers wishing to book travel, outstation, one-way, round-trip, and airport pick-ups and drops.

Do you have any questions about why you should only attach your automobile to us? Well, we stand out from other automobile rental companies since we provide unique features. Some of the features include an app-based platform with seamless integration, no ride cost negotiations, flexible working hours, same-day cash payment services, local and out-of-town cab rental services, online cab, taxi, and automobile attachment services, and a 24-7 business service for partners. These facilities guarantee you the greatest possible service and an incredible amount of guaranteed earnings. Bring that abandoned vehicle out of the garage right now and join us on the road. Join the Rinocab Taxi attachment firm, which attracts consumers from all around India, and let your vehicle generate income while you sit at home.

Anyone looking for a company car attachment or a company cab attachment might consider Rino Cab. Whether you link a cab, a taxi, or your car with a firm, we guarantee everyday clients that suit your service. Our online Attach Your Taxi service provides the following services:

  • Outstation taxi attachment
  • One way cab attachment
  • Attach my car for outstation

For better benefits and long-term service partnerships, Tempo Traveller Attachment Service “We” also provides car attachment when travelling. Our car attachment service differs from other car rental providers in a number of ways. These characteristics are:

  • Ensured additional journeys
  • Never negotiate the cost of a ride
  • 24/7 business support for collaborators
  • flexible and adaptable work hours
  • Access to same-day cash payments
  • Depending on your preferences, choose your ride.
  • regular taxi services for airport pickup and dropoff
  • taxi services for out-of-town pickup and dropoff
  • local car rentals

How to Connect a Taxi to a RinoCab

You can join us as a fleet operator, single cab owner, or driver cum owner (more than one cab with multiple drivers). Any type of cab (compact, sedan, suv, or tempo traveller) may be attached with a commercial number plate only. For the registration process, you must provide the listed taxi documentation, driver information, and owner information. Please include details about your vehicle, yourself, and the drivers who will be working for your business. The following papers are required of vendors, DCOs, and fleet operators.

  1. Vendor/DCO/Fleet operator
  • Address Proof
  • Office Details with GST (if
  • applicable )
  • Passport type photo
  • Adhaar card
  • PAN card
  • Driving Licence
  • Phone number (at least two
  • number)
  • Bank Account Details (Account Holder name, IFSC code, Account Number and one cancel cheque copy)
  1. Driver Details
  • Passport type photo
  • Adhaar card
  • PAN Card
  • Driving Licence
  • Reference person contact number (with adhaar card)
  • Phone Number (at least two number)
  • Police Verification Details (it is Mandatory )
  1. Cab/Taxi Registration
  • Paper required
  • Cab/Taxi photo from front side/back side with Yellow number plate
  • RC (Registration Copy)
  • Lease Paper (if cab is not yours)
  • Insurance Paper
  • Route Permit Paper
  • Pollution Certificate
  • Fitness certificates for the cab/taxi

Fee Policy: For each assigned booking, the company will only charge a 7% commission (including 5% GST on the total booking cost). In order to receive or accept a booking, you must reload your driver application money. Depending on the vendor/driver category (Silver, Gold, or Diamond), your driver wallet recharge will cost different amounts. You must keep a minimum lock deposit of Rs. 1200 for compact/sedans and Rs. 1500 for SUV category cabs in your wallet. It should be reminded that the recharge amount is not a security deposit and is never refundable because our fee is removed from the recharge wallet for each booking.

Trip type: The company offers one-way, round-trip, taxi packages, tour packages, local trips (8 and 12 hours), and airport transfers for outstation travel. You must approve the booking as soon as possible after we regularly disseminate it to your registered mobile number through SMS or email. When a booking is accepted, the company will allocate it to you and make it accessible in your vendor panel. Following dispatch, only the vendor’s driver can be given that booking, which will then appear in the driver application. We don’t guarantee that we will supply everyday or a set amount of duties.

The simplest and most profitable way to use your idle car is through an airport car attachment in a company, cab attachment in a company, or taxi attachment in a company.


Questions & answers

Do I need a car with a tourist permit or can I just use a regular car to attach my taxi to Rinocab?

Currently, Rino cab only allows cars with tourist permit plates (yellow number plates) to attach. White number plates of vehicles are not allowed to transact with Rinocab.

Is it required that my car be attached with a driver?

Yes. You are allowed to join your vehicle with the driver of Rinocab.

What steps must I take to connect my cab to Rinocab?

You must provide Rinocab with the following paperwork in order to have your vehicle registered with them: Photographs show the front and rear of the car, showing the yellow licence plate. Copy of the Registration (RC Book) Term Sheets (If the car is still under loan) Taxi fitness certificate, insurance paper, PUC certificate. Along with this, you must pay the registration fees for your particular car type and sign a copy of the agreement with Rinocab

What are the different cars' registration fees?

Following are the registration fees for various types of vehicles: Sedan- Rs. 800/- SUV - 1000 Rs. Tempo Traveler - Rs. 2000/- Crysta - Rs. 1300/-

What commission fees does Rinocab charge?

Only 7% of the vendor cost is charged by Rinocab for each assigned booking. Keep in mind that in order to receive or accept the allocated trip, you must pay the 7% advance payment up front.

What trip categories does Rinocab assign?

One-Way/Round-trip/Taxi Package/Tour Package/Local Trip (8 or 12 hours)/Wedding Cab Booking/Airport Transfer are all services offered by Rinocab.

How is the accompanying cab informed of the journey?

We email and whatsapp the cab that is tethered to us to let them know. The trip type and other information will be sent to the driver over WhatsApp as soon as the booking is accepted.

Where should I go if I have any questions?

You can reach us by phone at +91 88880000, through SMS or Whatsapp, or by email at [email protected]