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Book one way taxi for all your travel needs across Agra, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Mathura, Jaipur, Rajasthan, Aligarh and more. we provide one way car rental service at cheap price. Rinocab’s one way vehicle taxi service provider. Our philosophy has always been to give clients the best value and convenience. With these goals in mind, Rinocab now provides one-way cabs in all of India’s main cities. If you are unsure about your return route and are primarily wanting to travel one way, you may now use Rinocab’s one-way vehicle rental services to save money. You can now book a one-way cab between any two routes where the service is available. If you need a drop service, Rinocab is the ideal car rental platform for hiring a one-way taxi at a reasonable price.

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Taxi at an Affordable Price

Choosing a one-way taxi service is always the most cost-effective option for both passengers and taxi operators. It also contributes to fuel savings, environmental pollution reduction, and the efficient use of people and resources. The majority of us desire to travel in a way that is both cost-effective and pleasurable. The majority of travel agencies have difficulty in obtaining a consumer for a repeat journey to their destination. As a result, the operators charge the clients on both sides of the transaction. Customers have no choice but to comply with it since they have no other choice.
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Rinocab is unquestionably the greatest common platform where Travel Agents and Travellers may get together to save money and maximize the use of available resources and resources. In this case, the Travel Agent has the discretion to choose whether or not to pass on the benefit to his customers, and the passengers have the option of picking the most advantageous alternative accessible to them. Rinocab’s services are completely free of charge to you. There are no conditions associated. Make yourself confident and enjoy your life, all without burning a hole in your pocketbook!! Using this website to its full potential may open the door to a whole new world of business prospects in the travel sector.
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Rinocab, as an Aggregator, presents you with a plethora of automobile alternatives for your one-way taxi booking. When making a taxi reservation request, you have the option to provide any special preferences you may have. When it comes to one-way taxi services, our affiliated taxi service providers have a variety of vehicles accessible to them. Accessibility: Rinocab will transport you safely to your destination in any Tier I, II, or III cities. You may reserve a taxi from any location at any time, and you can be certain that a Rinocab will be on its way. Safety: One-way taxis offer a dedicated area for their passengers as well as a door-to-door connection for their journey. As a result, any safety issues that may develop as a result of unwelcome interaction with or exposure to high-risk public venues such as airports or railway stations are addressed in full. Affordability: All tolls and state taxes are included in our pricing. As a result, you will not be required to pay any extra fees throughout your journey. Don’t bring your wallet with you! The one-way tickets offered by Rinocab are among the most competitive in the business. Rinocab’s guarantee of safety, dependability, and convenience throughout the trips has been underlined by the company’s rigorous adherence to the safety criteria established by the government.
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The level of service provided by Rinocab remains world-class even for one-way taxi trips. Our simple to use booking tool for one-way taxi services will provide you with immediate confirmation and confirmation of your reservation. One-way taxi booking is made simple with our user-friendly site, which allows you to book your cab in just a few clicks. Our friendly and well-trained drivers maintain a high level of professionalism and guarantee that one-way drop cab services are always available on time. In order to ensure total openness, we will present you with a detailed pricing breakdown for your one-way taxi prior to the trip. In the event that you choose to book a one-way taxi over the phone, our contact center will always be proactive in processing your reservations and addressing any questions you may have. You may get in touch with us if you want any further information or data on one-way vehicle hiring or one-way taxi service.  

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Rinocab has earned tremendous popularity in the automobile rental market as a result of its commitment to giving the greatest value for money to its clients. A similar method may be used for our one-way automobile rental services as well. We have taken great effort to guarantee that you get the cheapest and finest options for one-way taxi fares when making your reservation. Trying to find and book a one-way cab via local operators may be a time-consuming process, but by using, you can purchase a package that enables you to explore and choose your favourite alternatives in a cost-effective manner. If you are seeking the most affordable one-way taxi rental and want to make a hassle-free one-way cab reservation, look no further.

To book a one-way taxi with us,

Just follow these easy instructions:

  • To make a reservation with us, please visit our website ( or email us at [email protected].
  • When making a reservation on our website, enter the pickup and drop-off locations and then click on ‘One-Way’ before pressing the Enter key.
  • One of our customer service representatives will contact you as soon as possible.

What are the benefits of using

Rinocab for a one-way car rental service?

  • When you wish to avoid air travel, as well as last-minute airline delays or cancellations, one-way rentals are the best option.
  • You’ve decided to relocate to a new city.
  • You should avoid travelling with strangers if at all possible.
  • You are travelling with children and elderly relatives, therefore door-to-door pickup is a top concern for you.
  • You are off on an unexpected journey and are unsure of when you will return.
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Our faqs

Questions & answers

What are the most common types of cabs offered by Rinocab?

You can possibly choose from three main groups of Rinocab based on the type of vehicles you want: Compact, SEDAN, Prime Sedan,SUV, mini bus & Tempo Traveller.

What are the most common types of cabs offered by Rinocab?

You can possibly choose from three main groups of Rinocab based on the type of vehicles you want: Compact, SEDAN, Prime Sedan,SUV, mini bus & Tempo Traveller.

Why should I use Rinocab for my taxi needs?

One-way, round-trip, multi-city travel, and taxi packages are all available via Rinocab's expert drivers and certified vehicles. We have our own customer service team and a wide range of payment alternatives available.

Can I get a taxi throughout India using Rinocab?

We are now operational in every major city in India. You can book a taxi online from anywhere in India.

Are there any taxi packages offered by Rinocab?

To learn more about our cab packages, please check our packages page or give our customer service department a call.

Do you have air-conditioned vehicles available?

Only air-conditioned vehicles are available via our fleet. For the duration of the journey, the air conditioning is intended to remain on. The sole exception is while travelling in mountainous places, when the A/C must be switched off to avoid overheating of the automobile engine.